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Hisao Nakai (Japanese Psychiatrist) says that our language fills our world only demanding us to describe it with the accuracy at minimum level. For example, what you feel when you see a stone on the way silently basking in the winter sunlight may be very hard to describe exactly at the same moment you see it. But at the same time It can be said as just a stone on the road. We can just say so and pass by. Language is a well made tool by humans to handle the situation like this. But what you felt at that time still remain in yourself not described in the handy word. And after some time, in the dark night of the winter for example, what you felt at that time may crystallize into some art form. If you are a poet, it might be a shot of poem. As I am a painter, I make works hoping these undescribed feelings would crystallize into my paintings.

Akihito Izumi



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